Friday, 8 February 2013

I am Eve

This is a short story written by my 13 year old daughter.
She wrote it on her own without any prompting or input from anyone.  My wife and I were so impressed, we asked for her permission to re-post it.  We're very proud of her.
I am Eve
by Janelle A.

I am Eve, the first woman; damned, doomed to die after a life filled with pain.
I used to live a life of happiness and tranquility; a child in the garden of Eden, innocent and ignorant. My husband, Adam, and I had free run of the Garden, access to every pleasure. Except for one.
The “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”.
Eating its fruit would make you like God, knowing everything; but it would also ensure death.
I was tired of knowing nothing; of all my memories being of lazy days in the Garden. I wanted more.
So, one fateful day, I crept up to the forbidden tree, plucked a ripe, succulent fruit from the branch, and, taking a deep breath, bit into it.
Suddenly everything changed. It was as if I had been viewing the world through a film of ignorance and lies, and when I ate the fruit, it was peeled away. Everything was sharper, clearer. I know, and still know, things I had never known before. I was finally awake.
I ran to Adam, but the way he was then he couldn’t comprehend the wonder of it. Rather than try to explain, I handed him the fruit. He took one bite and saw the world as I did.
It was wonderful, experiencing the Garden with intelligent minds. But that wondering was short-lived. God had heard of our disobedience, and was furious. Especially with me; But I did not try to hide what I did. My heart hammering in my chest, I stood and faced his wrath.
In a huge fit of jealous rage, God cursed us and threw us out of the Garden to live in the desert until the day we die.
That is my story. No talking snakes or clothing made of leaves and we didn’t run and hide in shame. No. That is how God tells it to make himself feel better. He is so egotistical that he would never let anyone know that his own creations would deliberately disobey him.
And so I wrote this. So that someone would know the truth.